Fitness for EVERYBODY and every BODY.

We teach badass classes.

Since 2010, we've been going beyond the barre with our all-in-one program that features a variety of fitness classes, including our most popular classes: Barre, Bootcamp, and Brawl®. Sweat under neon lights to music that drives you, led by the most passionate instructors in the industry.

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The heart of The Barre Code and our most popular class. Pulse and shake in our signature class that combines small, isometric movements and holds with compound movements. In this 50-minute, low impact class, you’ll work your entire body, focusing on your seat (our term for your glutes), thighs, core, and upper body. Our constantly changing routines and large variety of props ensure you’ll be challenged in every class.


A cult favorite recognized by SELF Magazine as “one of the best workouts in the country,” Brawl® will take you through 50 minutes of powerful cardio kickboxing sequences set to music that drives you. Between two longer cardio sequences, your instructor will guide you through an active recovery consisting of low-impact strength exercises to help you become a stronger Brawler. This class challenges both your mind and body in ways you won’t experience anywhere else.


Lift and sweat in our Bootcamp class that improves cardiovascular conditioning and functional strength using heavy weights, resistance bands, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). You’ll work at your own pace while your instructor leads you through a variety of circuits to build muscle, increase bone density, and improve your ability to perform functional, everyday movements like hip hinges, squats, and lunges.

Minute Moves

We take a minute to progress from each exercise to the peak of the hour and work our way back. This is a nonstop class and incorporates endurance, strength, mobility, and flexibility. Perfect for all fitness levels.

Power Yoga

MATS REQUIRED. Think Yoga meets our Barre & Strength classes. Sculpt your body in 50-minutes while moving to the music! This Power Yoga class harmonizes Vinyasa yoga with endurance-enhancing weight training. Students can expect to energize their bodies by flowing through sun salutations while building strength and toning up with props and body weight sequences. Many of the non-yoga moves, you have seen in our Barre classes.

Other Formats

STRENGTH: Lift your favorite Bootcamp props while cycling through three longer circuits of functional, full-body exercises to improve everyday mobility and strength. This low-impact class will help you master technique, reduce injury, and improve overall performance. *Socks are required, grip socks recommended!

BARRESTORE: Let go in this 50-minute restorative class combines our signature Barre class with a 20-minute extended stretch & meditation. You’ll release tension, prevent injury, and leave feeling restored.

BASICS CLASSES: Perfect for beginners! Our Basics classes focus on the foundational moves. We set you up for success so you get the most out of every class.

HIIT 30: Short on time & don't like being bored? Join us for a 30-minute high intensity, full body workout that rotates between rounds of cardio intervals without ever repeating the same exercise twice!

Our Vibe

Pulse and Shake with low impact Barre Classes at The Barre Code in Chicago's River North Neighborhood!


We will never idolize slimming shapes or shrinking sizes. We are a safe space for every BODY.
Happy woman in front of the pink neon Barre Code sign in the popular fitness studio in chicago


We show ourselves love through movement. We celebrate our unique abilities and strengths. We work to let go of standards that do not serve us.

Build friendships and community with other women at The Barre Code! Take fitness classes, get stronger and grow together!


We are a collective of women who accept the differences that make us beautiful, and together, strive for beauty that makes a difference.

What people are saying...

  • Bri ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    "The Barre Code is a super engaging and challenging workout. Coming from a dance background - I love the music and lighting in the studio. This workout is for everyone beginners to experts. The instructors give a variety of modifications to help clients feel comfortable and positive in their movement. Highly recommend trying it out and seeing for yourself!!"

  • Krishna ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    "Good value for money, offers a nice variety of different class styles, and has more offerings per day than other similar Barre gyms. If you’re considering the BarreCode, do look into their specials, they regularly offer promotions that make memberships very affordable. Shoutout to Carly for her wonderful classes!!"

  • Haley ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    "I love Barre Code River North so much! I’ve been a member for over 8 years and it’s seriously the best. I love how there’s a variety of classes so every class is truly unique and I get to switch it up across strength, toning and cardio (brawl is SO much fun it doesn’t even feel like a workout!) The music is awesome and the instructors are so energetic and motivating."

  • Lindsey ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    "I've been a member for the past seven months and love it. The classes aren't repetitive and I always feel leaving so accomplished. The instructors are encouraging and make an effort to know your name and give you shout outs during class. The studio is clean, the equipment is tidy and everything is always kept nice."

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Sneak peek inside the studio...


Your 1st Class

1. Save yourself some time & sign our waiver here before you arrive. *Be sure to use the same exact email and phone number you made your reservation with.
2. Bring socks! Socks are required. Grip socks are recommended.
*Bring a mat if you are taking a yoga class, or we have them for rent for $2.

How do I access the building?

1. There is a silver keypad to the left of the door to the building.
2. Press the arrow and select The Barre Code
3. Press the green phone button and wait to be buzzed in!

Arrival Time

The studio opens 15 minutes before class starts.
We recommend guests who are familiar with the studio arrive 5 minutes before class to give yourself enough time to collect your props and get situated.
New clients should arrive at least 10-15 minutes before class.
*We will have new clients complete some first timer info at the front desk and show you around the studio. You'll get your locker, your props, and make your way to class - and all of this takes time!

Are socks required?

Socks are required in the studio at all times. For all yoga classes, once you get to your mat, you may remove your socks.

Class Cancellation / No Show Policy

Late cancellations and No Shows will both incur a penalty.

If you are unable to attend a reservation, you must cancel yourself from the class online at or via The Barre Code mobile app at least 4 hours before the start of class.

If you do not cancel yourself out of class before the designated cut-off time, and/or do not show up for class, you will receive a cancellation penalty. View our full policies here.

If you are booking class through a third-party booking platform, such as ClassPass, you will be subject to their cancellation policies.

What do I wear?

Whatever you feel comfy moving in, we're here for it!

Do you offer Student / Teacher Discounts?

Yes! Email verification to and we will let you know your options!

Cell Phone Policy

We love a good studio selfie, but please stay off your phones during class as it is distracting.

Studio Amenities

  • Changing Rooms
  • Lockers
  • Mat Rental
  • Retail Store
  • Vanity
Map and directions for The Barre Code River North in Chicago

435 N LaSalle Blvd - Lower Level

(312) 595-1600

Getting There:

  • Enter the door to the right of the alley.
  • Use the keypad to buzz us
  • Proceed to the lower level.
  • We're at the end of the hall!

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